Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yong Tou Foo- The only way I know

Before I was 19, there's only one kind of yong tou foo that I have acquainted. The kind that stuffs tofu with minced meat. Afterall, that's what yong tou fu literally means.

Yong Tou Foo is one of mum's signature dish. She likes to cook it when she knows there's a big company coming for dinner. Her version is more laborious andhence, sumptuous where okra, eggplants, bittergound, mushroom and chilli are used, together with her homemade minced meat. It still amazes me that mum makes all the minced meat herself, using her trust-worthy Parang knife. My version is definitely simpler. I only used the fried toupok with ready made minced meat from the freezer section. But that's good enough for now. Paired with a bowl of steaming rice, and sambal belachan dipping sauce, it's one of my childhood comfort food memory.

I can't find the chinese fermeted yellow bean paste in my last chinese grocery shopping, so I substituted it with the Korean's Da Jiang (which the English translation stated that it's fermented yellow bean paste).

A simple dinner with some chinese stirfry veggie before we headed down for our free cones at Ben & Jerry!

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