Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolutions

I can't remember since when have I started to make new year resolutions on the last day of every year. It's always an exciting process to write down my resolutions on the diary. It's the beginning of a new year, a new page, a clean slate and comes with it- new hope. It feels as great as I have already achieved all the resolutions I have set for myself. (although most years that weren't the case)But the point is, I always feel good on the beginning of the year. As if I could achieve anything I set my mind on. I don't know why, I am my most optimistic self in January!

And hence, once again, I put down my resolutions for 2007.

1. To be a better person. I know the scope is far too broad. Can I be more specific? I try. I want to be a better person, by being an understanding wife, a reliable and dependable friend, a filial daughter, a responsible resident on earth,and maybe a patient customer?!

2. To be more sensitive to others' feelings, especially those I really care. Up till this point, I have been leading a life which I speak my mind pretty freely and do whatever I feel like doing without bothering if my action or speech would hurt anybody's feeling. This is going to change in 2007. I know this is not going to be easy for someone who talks faster than she thinks, but I promise I will keep trying.

3. To be more organized and exercise self-discipline. Just the same second as I am typing this out, I glance around my surrounding, where clothes are scattering everywhere and books ( mostly baking related) have occupied almost all corners of my tiny apartment.In fact one of them was still lying on the stovetop since I used it for a chocolate cake recipe this afternoon.I believe I am seriously lacking in the department of self-discipline, and hence that explains the constantly messy state our apartment is in. I need more strength this year to refrain myself from sitting in front of my laptop. Then I will able to find time to do other meaningful things like cleaning the apartment, reading and exercising.

4. Speaking of reading, I made a resolution last year to read at least 4 books per month. I believe I would have succeeded, if COOKBOOKS were counted too...Other than that, I seldom read other type of books. Even if I did, I must have returned them unfinished 40% of the time. This year, I am making the same resolution of reading 4 books in a month again, excluding cookbooks, of course. Although I must admit that I learnt a lot from reading cookbooks last year :P Aiming to read 4 books in a month, in which the average number of pages per book is 360, I have to read about 50 pages a days! I am not a fast reader, and considering my limited vocabulary, it will take me quite some time to check out the meaning of some new words from the dictionary. Well, 50 pages a day is really challenging, but I will try. ( January really makes me feel invincible and on top of everything)

5. On the note of exercise, I totally forgot about making a resolution last year to exercise 3 times a week!! Needless to say, the idea of keeping fit vanished the second I published my resolution in this blog. BUT this year, because I am DETERMINED to be a better person and have self-discipline, I believe I can do it. (as long as I don't give up the hope to strive to be a better person and exercise self discipline)...

6. Besides on trying out new recipes from cookbooks, hopefully this novice baker can come out with some good recipes that I can proudly claim as my own before we leave St Louis. And continue to record my journey to be a better baker in this blog!

I hope you have made your resolutions for 2007, and no matter how long you list is, here's my wish, for you and me - that as long as we have faith in ourselves, we will succeed and exceed our goals this year!

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