Thursday, August 03, 2006

A few new recipes

For some reasons, I never get round to buy zucchini until now. Maybe it is its close resemblance to cucumber, which I normally won't use, except for making sandwiches. After reading a few Italian cookbooks however, I decided to incorporate this cucumber-look-alike into our diet.

The recipe I used is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. A Zucchini fritter recipe. Guess everything just tastes better after frying ... Though it's not necessarily better for the body.I think I will use zucchini in some healthy recipes next time. But the first introduction to zucchini in the form of frtter does help to break the ice. I am now more ready to make recipes using zucchini. In which one of them, is a flatbread from the latest Bon Appetit- Cheesy Zucchini with red onion flatbread. But that will be another entry.

Speaking of new veggie, we also tried sauteed swiss chard this week. But OCT didn't like the "very fiberous" green. And hence asked me not to buy it again. Well, at least we tried.

Yesterday, I made some pesto pinwheels using Pilsbury crescent rolls. The making process is quite a mess, but I am glad that OCT likes it. More than I do. Now I have introduced 3 new food to OCT : zucchini, swisschard and pesto within a week. That is not too bad for a guy who once resisted to try anything new. He used to eat only broccoli and carrot as his side dishes..

Last but not least, I revisited chicken piccata. And this time it was a success! I must thank The Best Light Recipe for its yummy and considerably lighter recipe. Speaking of which, I should get hold of a copy of this soon.

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