Monday, February 20, 2006

What a neighbour!

Something really pissed me off happened 10 minutes ago. I decided to put in down in writing, as I don't know whom can I vent my anger in this case.

The phone rang, and I picked it up. It's the intercomm outside our apartment building.
"Could you open the door please?" came the Voice of a stranger.
"Who is this?" I asked
"Could you open the door please?" the stranger pressed impatiently.
"Who is this?" I demanded. A moment of silent fell.
" This is XXX from room XYZ" the stranger answered quite impolitely.
For one second I wanted to tell her I don't know her and have no obligation to open the door for a stranger, or tell her I don't know how to operate it from my apartment or I don't work for the apartment office.
But I simply said "OK", feeling a bit angry of myself, for not being able to stand firm and said no to this rude girl.

What make her think that I have to help her, who is a total stranger to me, with absolutely questionable identity. I have opened the door for postman/ FedEx guy who sounded 100 times more polite than this rude girl. I am happy to help. A little politeness is all I ask. She didn't even say "Thank you" to me. I should have let her stand in the -10C windy night for as long as she managed to find her key or until Batman comes to her rescue.

I can only get this mean in my imaginary world, not really in real life. I suddenly remembered yesterday's summon about loving one another....Opps...I must learn to love this rude neighbour.

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