Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pizza mess

Not too long ago, I promised myself to try another pizza dough recipe in search for the perfect pizza dough. I had my eyes on the one from Food and Wine Magazine. Afterall, it was also their staff's favorite for March issue.

I don't know what I did wrong, but the dough turned out to be very bland. I have even kept it in the fridge for a full 3 days before baking. It was supposed to have a complex flavor when the yeast was given enough time to develop. It's frustrating when a highly commended recipe turned out just the opposite in my hands. More so when I can't figure what went wrong.

I used to think that the pizza dough was simply a vehicle for the great toppings. Now I know that I was wrong! Anyway, we had seafood and roasted veggies for toppings. They were nice, but the dinner would be nicer if the dough turned out as it promised...

Instead of lamenting incessantly, I better focus my energy in trying another pizza dough recipe. Hopefully the next time I blog about pizza, it will be good news...


  1. My husband loves to make pizza crust and he found he had an issue with blandness when he started making it. He found that the recipes only state a rough idea of how much salt to put in and to usually double that amount. Your pizzas look completely delicious though!

  2. hi Freya,
    Thanks for visiting! I think you are right, my crust definitely needed more salt! Hope I'll have better luck next time.

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Doubt I will ever make my own dough cos I just don't have the space to do it (some excuse to hide my "I don't like to knead " look).
    But your efforts certainly paid off, just by looking at the pizza. I'm going to try some simple pizza recipe soon. Hope it works as a alternative for me who does not make my own dough;p