Friday, January 05, 2007

DDD- Double Duty Dish

I love double duty dish! It's especially great if you have a small family like us, and dread eating the same leftover for days!Just the other night, while looking up recipes to use my top round beef, I found a recipe of a pot roast, and another Pastitsio recipe using the leftover from the pot roast. Both received rave reviews from people who had tried them, so I was really excited to have an opportunity to try 2 recipes using the very same ingredient! Usually when I cook beef stew or pot roast kind of dish, we will be stucked with the abundant leftover for a couple of nights. I can't complain as the flavor somehow develops the longer the stews are kept. But sometime, that has deterred my attempt from trying other stuffs too! So, double duty dish is definitely good news to me.

So Tuesday night, I cooked the pot roast with a sense of purpose. It was ok, but OCT and I much prefer our usual beef stew. Even with this comment, we still manage to whip up half of the pot roast, along with the yummy roasted mustard potatoes.

Wednesday night, I made the Pastitsio. Having made the roast the previous night, all I need to do was to make the bechamel sauce, boiled some pasta, and assembled them on the baking dish. It was then baked away in the oven, beckon to be eaten after 40 minutes. With the extra time on hand, I made some Asian Broccoli salad with sesame oil, oyster sauce, salt and pepper. The Pastitsio was so-so only. And we only ate a quarter of it. Seems like we were stuck for a couple of meals again....

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