Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday Dinner : Beef and mushroom pasta nest

It is just another Spaghetti Bolognese recipe. Had I knew it earlier, I would rather make something different. By the way, it doesn't taste nicer than my own version, using chipotle chilli. OCT and I added lots of Asian chilli sauce to make this boring dish more appetising.

Oh, this is a recipe from Rachel Ray's 365 No Repeat book, a variation from the tomato and basil pasta nest we had last week. I love it so much to give this variation, printed next to my favorite one a chance, hoping that it's something extraordinary as well. I am definitely wrong this time.

I also tried another recipe of oven baked corn dog from the book. It tasted ok, but the dough was runny beyond believe! I doubt how RR got her hotdog covered with the dough! Anyway, it was too ugly, so I didn't take any picture of my corn dog.

Quite a depressing night when everything comes out from the kitchen didn't taste nice.

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