Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cherrie Blossom Hunt in the Botanical Garden

I have never seen cherrie blossom in my life, so you can imagine how excited I must be when I know that cherrie blossom is blooming in the botanical garden. This afternoon OCT and I went to check out the garden and started on a "cherrie blossom hunt". I was ecstatic and forced OCT to snap photos of me with cherry blossom.

"Is this cherry blossom? Never mind, just take la~"

"Take one more...."

"one last one......"

"See, there's another one by the lake!"

"How to pose?"

"Like this?"

"How about this?"

"And this?"

"Or should I go closer?"

So much about cherrie blossom. Actually other plants in the botanical garden are blooming too.

"See my garden?" (just kidding)

"OCT, what is this?"

A rabbit! And he wasn't moving. He must had thought that we didn't see him. I went quite close to where he was, but he was still not moving, gave me enough time to take a good shot of him. Hey rabbit,nice shot!

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  1. Anonymous1:20 AM


    You've become prettier and prettier.

    Jie Mei