Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chinese New Year Dinner

To make up for the new year reunion dinner we missed last Saturday, OCT and I decided to invite a few close friends over for dinner tomorrow night. OCT was very excited about it and started to discuss about what to cook for tomorrow night.

" We can cook Singapore style prawn noodle soup, sweet & sour prawn, soya sauce chicken, all of which are my specialties!" He suggested enthusiastically.
"Huh? But I have tried none of it! Are you absolutely sure they are delicious?" I answered unbelievably.
"OF COURSE!!!" OCT said confidently.
"But you have to work leave the cooking to me" I demanded.
"So what are you going to cook?"He asked. At this point, he walked to the kitchen and opened our fridge to see what we have, I joined him. Hoping that this would give me some inspirations. But nothing came.....

We have chicken breast, prawn, half a packet of beef stew, 2 pieces of pork chops, dumplings, 4 tubs of Edy's ice creams, 1 tub of Ben & Jerry, pie doughs, pizza in the freezer. And mostly vegetables and dairy products in the fridge. Again, we ran out of eggs.

"Can we cook western? or fusion?" I suggested.
I can't remember what he said. In gist, he thought we should cook chinese food.

All that's in my mind at that point was unfortunately, which cheesecake should I bake; and what side dishes to make...Desperate, we resorted to the Chinese cookbook he collected over the years here. OCT went on to do his "research" and methodically go through the ingredients required for the dishes that he eyed on. As usual, I was skeptical about chinese cookbook. I had heard too many bad things about chinese chef who didn't share their recipes in its entirety. They will leave out certain procedure and let you figured your way out. Of course, there are some good people out there who share unselfishly. But I rarely followed these recipes.

"How about cooking chicken cordon bleu? You said it's nice right?" I ventured.
"It's too bland" OCT answered.
"Lasagna? spaghetti?" I asked hopefully.
"Your lasagna is too sweet and spaghetti is not a good idea"
I gulped. Defeated.

Oh no! So what am I going to cook?

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  1. Dinner was yummylicious! And wow, what a lot of dishes you ended up cooking! And as always, your cheesecake's great too!

    Much thanks again, for the care and effort that OCT and especially you, put into making this such a special CNY meal, not to mention fun 'night out' at your home, for the gang =)