Thursday, January 12, 2006

The second good news

Another good news that I received today is my favorite singer Emil Chow has just completed his latest album, after 2 years since his last album.Yes, I have been a big fan of him since young. (Though some friends think that his time has long pasted)

I got the information from It's a cool site that plays his songs while you surf. He mentioned about his struggle for the past 2 years trying to rush his album, and also some of his thoughts in this site. A must visit for other fellow Wakin fans! This is really good news to me. I have been wondering what has happened to him after his concert tour with Jonathan Lee.... At least now that I know he has completed his album, it should hit the record rack soon. This year definitely.

Time flies when I am happy, and it's time to prepare dinner again.....

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