Friday, January 20, 2006

Mad about spareribs

The benefit of being the cook in the house includes cooking what I feel like eating. As a result, we had spareribs again yesterday night. I did some modification with the sauce by replacing the BBQ sauce with the usual marinate combination (soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic, sugar) and some worchestershire sauce + sugar syrup for pancake( I am looking for ways to get rid of this nearly expiring syrup). Also, this time I did not trim down much of the fat. I added the unfinished pineapple chunk from last week, as OCT and I both like pineapples in our dish.

The spareribs were moist and juicy( maybe because of the fat). Though this was very tasty, it was very fattening at the same time, judging from the oil dripping on the baking tray. We ate this with tomyam eggplant, (which is also very oily) and rice.

What a satisfying meal....

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